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The Process

1. This is the very beginning of the web design project. We discuss with you what you are looking for. We get all of the important items to start the planning name, what the company does, competitors, mission statement. We would also take the time to discuss the timeline we will be looking at.
2. We now move on to planning. This is where we develop a sitemap and wireframe for your website. A sitemap helps to visualize the base structure of the website. Once we have that, we then move on and develop a wireframe.  A wireframe is the basic template we use.
3. After you approve the sitemap and wireframe, we move to design. This is where we design the buttons, effects, visuals. We will request all relevant pictures you want used on the website. Once these design elements are created, we ask for you to approve before moving on.
4. This is where everything comes together. We include all approved design aspects. We also setup/configure any third-party integrations requested depending on package.
5. The website has been created and is deployed in a test environment. In this step, we do our internal testing/quality assurance. This helps us work out any bugs/issues prior to the big launch. We may have you take part in certain areas for approval.
6. We have reached the big day! It's go time both for your and your website. We will deploy the website and have you verify the look and operation.
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