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Price by Formula Calculator for WooCommerce



Price by Formula Calculator for WooCommerce is a state-of-the-art pricing calculator that factors customizable product options into price calculations. It is not limited to typical price formulas that only calculate prices by area, volume, length, and weight. With the Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce, you can calculate prices for any product or service. For example, typical consumer goods and more complex offerings like rental cars, car detailing, installment plans, and service quotes.

The Price by Formula Calculator for WooCommerce extension enables sixteen custom fields to help you create any mix of options. You can also enter one or more formulas in these fields to create complex custom price calculations. You can also show your total measurement calculations and product prices on product pages for customers.

This extension also saves time as you do not have to build a separate calculator for each product. You can apply each calculator rule to multiple products and categories. You can define multiple rules to create assorted calculators for various products. Options can be required or optional for customers.

The Price by Formula Calculator for WooCommerce extension enables shortcodes that help create formulas quickly and easily. Use basic mathematical operations such as +, -, *, /, to create custom formulas. This extension displays the product details on the cart, checkout, and order pages.


  • Build a price calculator with a custom formula
  • Create product options and implement formulas
  • Add conditional formula groups
  • Change formula based on user input or formula results
  • Sell products by any unit of measurement such as kg, meter, square meter, cubic yard, etc.
  • Use up to sixteen fields to create product options
  • Use basic mathematics operators such as +, -, *, /, to create formulas
  • Popular fields include text areas, select boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and multi-select boxes
  • Variety of options for rounding the figures
  • Create multiple rules for various products
  • Add multiple formulas to each rule
  • Apply each rule to multiple products or categories
  • Option to hide the default WooCommerce product quantity field
  • Duplicate the created rules & preview the rules
  • Make fields mandatory or optional for customers
  • Option to display calculations on product pages
  • Displays option details on cart, checkout, and order detail page
  • Display images for radio buttons
  • Import/Export the pricing rules
  • Preview option for created rules


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