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Keeper Security – KeeperChat (Add-On)



Do you need a secure chat system? Keeper Security – KeeperChat enables secure, ephemeral messaging across employee devices with the world’s most secure messaging solution, protecting communications with end-to-end encryption. Businesses requiring and conducting confidential communication will benefit immediately from KeeperChat. Healthcare professionals, law firms, governments, financial services and banking organizations require strict compliance to confidentiality deal with confidential patient, client and an individual’s personally-identifiable information.


KeeperChat is fast, easy to use and far more secure than any other product in the industry. It protects your information with a zero-knowledge security architecture, multiple layers of encryption for data at rest and in transit, 256-bit AES encryption and PBKDF2 key derivation.  Admins can enforce the use of two-factor authentication using a variety of secure, enterprise-grade methods including Keeper DNA® (patented smartwatch authentication), Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, RSA SecurID, DUO, Biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition) and Secure SMS.


Billing Terms: Per month per user



  • This is an optional add-on for Keeper Security.
  • Must have an active Keeper Security Business, Keeper Security Business Plus, Keeper Security Enterprise, or Keeper Security Enterprise Subscription with RupelTek LLC.


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