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Keeper Security – Compliance Reporting (Add-On)



Do you need reporting for compliance purposes? Keeper Security – Compliance Reporting provides on-demand visibility of access permissions for the organization’s credentials and secrets and; supports audits for Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and other industry regulations that require access control monitoring and event auditing.


  • Administrator-defined reports
  • Role-based access to reports
  • Report user filters with Node, Usernames and Job Titles
  • Record data filters with Record Titles, Record Types and URLS
  • Visibility to source permissions and restrictions
  • Report previews of user reports
  • Report exporting to CSV, JSON, and PDF

Billing Terms: Per month per user



  • This is an optional add-on for Keeper Security.
  • Must have an active Keeper Security Business, Keeper Security Business Plus, Keeper Security Enterprise, or Keeper Security Enterprise Subscription with RupelTek LLC.


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