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Bitdefender – Patch Management (Add-on)



The Btidefender Patch Management module supports both automatic and manual patching. It gives organizations greater flexibility and efficiency for patch management, with the ability to create a patch inventory, schedule patch scanning, limit automatic patching to admin-preferred applications, vary scheduling for security and non-security patches and postpone reboots for patching requiring a restart. Easily patch not just Windows and Linux OS but also the most extensive list of applications you are most likely to use. Centralize patching across sites, physical and virtual workstations, and servers.

  • Minimize security risks drastically
    reducing time to patch critical
  • Improve cyber hygiene and your IT team’s
    productivity automate patch scans,
    deployment, and reporting.
  • Simplify compliance and patch reporting
    and meet risk management requirements.
  • Reduce costs by consolidating patch
    management and endpoint security into a
    single vendor and platform.
  • Improve customer productivity with up-
    to-date applications and fewer issues or
  • Per endpoint device

*A Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security subscription must be purchased or already active on your account to use this add on.



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