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What better way to increase profits than by replacing your aging server. We provide many different types of servers and storage arrays. 

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Assortment of Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers 16 Generation

New PowerEdge Servers

High-performing Next Gen Dell PowerEdge servers,
powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon®
Scalable processors.

Why Dell PowerEdge?

PowerEdge is created for the future. More secure and optimized to accelerate workflows, this end-to-end
portfolio will enable you to support your customers by leveraging key modern technologies. This way, your customers can focus on what they do best – innovate.
The server market continues to expand and transform as the world around us changes. With the increasingly digital-first and sustainability-
oriented mindset, there is a growing need for server and software innovations like AI and accelerated automation.
Dell PowerEdge R server series

When Should I Replace My Server?

Working with a powerful platform to meet unique business needs is what it takes for you to win. Server Tech Refreshes do not just help tiy keep up with changes. Regularly updated infrastructure is a game-changer that gets you ahead of changes.
Dell PowerEdge R7615 Server

Replacing servers every three years, as opposed to six, delivers significantly greater business value for large and mid-size organizations.

Improved IT staff efficiency: Staff spent 21% less
time on infrastructure management, and the number
of servers managed per admin increased by up to
Increased revenue growth: Organizations with server refreshes increase growth by up to 24%.
Boosted customer satisfaction: Reduced server downtime led to 18% improved customer satisfaction and retention.
Faster time to market: Server refresh offers speedier app development, resulting in a reduction in time to market of 15%.

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