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Dell XPS

Please take a look at some of the features that Dell XPS Laptops and Desktops have to offer. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Order form below.
Dell XPS laptop and desktop computers

Performance You Need

Unlock 1.5x higher performance than the previous XPS 13 with the latest 12th Gen Intel® processors as measured with Cinebench R23 comparing XPS 13 (9315) running in performance mode vs. XPS 13 (9305) running in performance mode with similar configurations. Customize your laptop’s performance to suit your needs with the built-in Dell Performance application. Select from four modes - quiet, ultra-performance, cool or optimized. Default optimized mode enables the best balance of performance and thermals. When in ultra-performance mode, your system may run warmer, and fans may be louder. Choosing cool mode will limit temperature or decrease fan noise, which may impact system performance.
Expanded view of Dell XPS 9720 Laptop showing how cooling fans work.

Modern design

The minimalist and durable design, constructed with machined (CNC) aluminum, is inspired by nature and comes in a choice of several colors. Tonal, muted, natural color minimizes contrast on the interior, for a timeless look and feel.
Dell XPS 9720 Laptop
Dell 9720 Laptop exploded view

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